There are several spells of the 3 elements within Fictorum. There are Fire, Ice, and Lightning Spells. Fire spells do increased damage over time. Ice spells can slow or freeze opponents. Lightning Spells can stun opponents. There are three categories of spells: Projectile spells are lobbing or shooting a fragment of elemental energy; Area spells are AOE spells that can appear out of thin air (Area spells don't necessarily need to emit outward from the caster, but can often be aimed at a specific spot, to emit from a remote center. Radius determines the size of the area, and Range determines how far the center of the attack can be placed from the caster); Last there are Channeling spells where the elements continuously emit from the spell caster (Channeling spells are unique in that they cannot damage buildings and structures, making them valuable for maintaining a defense while indoors, without the worry of causing the building to come crashing down upon the caster).


Fire Spells

Spell Picture Spell Description
Fireball - This spell is the bread and butter of Pyromancers. This spell lobs a flaming projectile in an arching fashion, to crash down and explode on impact. Fireball has relatively short range, and can be used with Multi-Shot and/or Chaos Runes to give it an explosive shotgun effect. Or it can become a veritable mortar with Magic's Reach and High Velocity Runes. Fireball doesn't use Seek runes well, as it only begins to seek after reaching the top of its arc. If paired with Chain Reaction Runes, additional fireballs will bounce away from the initial explosion like a cluster bomb.
Fire Beam - This spell a short range, laser like spell, that does neither impact or splash damage, but relies on applying burning damage. Fire Beam is difficult to use due to it's low DPS, high mana cost, and range, often allowing enemies to walk through its attack to strike at the caster. Fire Beam could benefit from Magic's Reach to increase range, Persist to increase the rate of burning damage, and Manifest to allow it to leave burning surfaces on the ground.
Flame Strike - Quickly manifests a ring of fire that implodes, spiraling it upward in the center. Flame strike is more difficult to use, since it requires more skill to aim it at a surface rather than the intended target. Flame Strike's main advantage is that it has a large radius of splash damage, compared to most fire spells, making it ideal for clustered groups of targets.
Flamethrower - The spell is another fire channeling spell, similar to Fire Beam, except it has shorter range, but is released from the caster's hands in a cone of flames, rather than a laser. Flamethrower does more DPS than the Fire Beam, and in a larger area, albeit at a much shorter range. It could benefit from the same runes as Fire Beam (Manifest, Persist, Magic's Reach).
Flare - This spell is a quirky fire spell that seems more pizzazz than practical. Often used by low level mages encountered in Fictorum, this spell fires small, sparkling bombs, that explode on contact, but do little damage. This arch range of the spell is rather short, and would likely need the Magic's Reach rune. The only way currently known to acquire this spell is as a starting spell for the Flaming Bulwark title. Flare without any runes, consumes very little mana, that it can be used in rapid succession with little affect on mana reserves.
Incendium - This spell functions as a sticky bomb, a small fire ball that sticks to a target and detonates after 1.5 seconds. It's damage stats are equal to Fireball, but it requires much more mana to cast, but it has more base range than Fire Ball, with a arch more comparable to Frost Spear
Meteor - When something or someone is too much a pain to whittle down slowly, drop a rock from the sky on it! Meteor is a projectile spell that acts like an area spell, where the caster picks their target, and then watches as a Meteor is summoned from the sky to fall on and obliterate anything unlucky enough to be under it. Meteor boasts massive damage but has a deceptively small radius compared to its ostentatious appearance, in fact its radius of affect is little more than Fireball, and the same size as Flame Strike. Meteor takes longer than desired to fall from the sky, often missing any target that is on the move, making it a prime candidate for the Seeking rune, which makes the meteor spin directly toward nearby or fleeing enemies. A fun combination is equipping the Storm rune to Meteor, and watching as it rains down chaos on the target area, unfortunately this actually decreases its accuracy for smaller targets, but it becomes an excellent way to level towns or fortifications.
Plasma Ball - This spell is the black sheep of fire spells, it has unlimited range, no splash radius and is the slowest moving fire spell. This little green ball slowly trudges on forever, requiring a different approach to its use in combat. If paired with the Efficiency rune to decrease its mana cost, a caster can fire several in repetition to effectively create floating mine field between them and their opponents. Due to its slow speed, Plasma Ball, is very effective with the Seek rune, allowing it to turn sharper than other spells and endlessly seek out its target, rather than accidentally colliding with a non-target surface. If Plasma Ball is given the Seek rune it can be fired around corners or over edges to attack opponents that aren't in direct line of sight. Also because of this spell's slow speed, the Order rune, is quite effective, giving ample time for this spell to get close to enemies and fire additional fire spells from it.
Rain Down - Like something out of a story, within a hidden location in the mountains of the world of Fictorum, there lies a spell of unprecedented destructive power. For those who can find it, on the edge of an ILL-OMENED location, crawling with Corrupted, this spell will become the end-all-be-all for wanton havoc. Though as similar and inaccurate as the Meteor spell with a Storm rune, this spell drops far more explosive power over a larger area, and at a lower mana cost, with each individual projectile dealing more damage and having a larger explosive radius. This spell is interesting in two ways. First, it cannot be bound with any runes regardless of how much mana you have, what you see is what you get. Secondly, either by pending 3D modelling, or by a nod to Reddit, a site often used by Fictorum's developers to update their fans of the game's production, the actual projectiles of Rain Down are literally big red arrows. That's right, this spell essentially gives a target area, a massive downvote storm, leaving little left standing. The arrows fall and stay visibly stuck within the ground, until the spell stops and the arrows dissipate.


Ice Spells

Spell Pictures Spell Description
Cone of Cold - Firing an icy gust from the caster's finger tips, Cone of Cold is a very short ranged Channeling type of spell. It does a fair bit of damage while also slowing down anyone affected by it. If equipped with Efficiency and Slow runes, this spell can slow opponents and drop them before they reach the caster.
Frost Nova - Creating a subtle explosion of freezing air, this spell can freeze opponents solid. Like most area spells it is difficult to use, aim it at surfaces rather than opponents.
Frost Spear - With a long arching range, high impact damage, and an innate ability to pierce multiple targets, the Frost Spear is a great long range sniping spell.
Ice Blast - With a medium ranged arch, Ice Blast is a veritable twin to Fire Ball, detonating on impact sending icy shrapnel out to shred and slow enemies. Like Fire Ball, this spell can be given Multi-Shot and Chaos runes to act like a blunderbuss, or be given Magic's Reach and High Velocity to make it a long distance weapon.


Lightning Spells

Spell Picture Spell Description
Concussion - Creates an implosion of cacophonous thunder, striking anything within it's area. Concussion is seemingly unique in that it can use some runes that other area spells can't. Particularly Pierce, and Bounce runes, both add the effect of skipping this spell across the terrain, allowing it to occur multiple times in a straight line, increasing its effective range and attack capability.
Lightning Bolt - Firing in a straight line, Lightning Bolt strike its target for high amounts of damage, stunning and knocking back anyone struck by it. Lightning Bolt was pretty much designed to be used in conjunction with the Chain Reaction rune to bounce off of surfaces or enemies to strike at the nearest opponent. If given the Magic's Reach, this spell becomes a laser like sniping weapon. If given Multi Shot and Chain Reaction runes, this spell can dispatch many enemies at once.
Lightning Orb - With pretty much a mind of its own, this spell may be the most difficult to use in battle. Lightning orb is the slowest and most erratic moving projectile spell in Fictorum, and practically requires the use of the Seek rune. High Velocity can be used to make it close distances quickly, but it also means its erratic behavior is far more exaggerated. Like Plasma Ball, this spell works well with the Order rune to strike anyone close to it with bolts of Lightning. Lightning Orb does not necessarily detonate on impact, and will continue moving if it glances off of a surface, but it will detonate on head on collisions.
Lightning Stream - The strongest of all channeling types spells, Lightning Stream can sweep across a line of enemies and devastate their ranks. Because it has splash damage, this means, Lightning Stream is the only channeling spell that can also damage structures as well as enemies.
Lightning Strike - Calling down a powerful Lightning Bolt, this spell deals massive damage to anyone in its area of effect.
Sparkwhip - This spell fires a short range lightning bolt, that lassos enemies and pulls them toward the caster. Sparkwhip does little damage, and more for throwing targets off ledges or pulling them in close for close quarters combat. This spell is difficult to aim, since there is a half second delay from it being triggered to when it's fired. And when triggered, it does not track with the caster's adjusted aim, meaning it fires where it was originally aimed, instead of where the caster might now be looking.