Infinite Dragon is durable, short range fire caster, with slower movement speed than most other starting titles. Infinite dragon starts equipped with protective reflection, and gravity well to trap any nearby opponents. Infinite Dragon starts with Flamethrower, combined with Manifest, Magic's Reach, and Persist to burn enemies and scorch the earth. Since Flamethrower doesn't damage structures, Gravity Well is a necessary ability to destroy Sentinel Towers and progress through the game.


Statistics based on Medium difficulty Starting Amount
Health 150
Mana 150
Mana Regeneration (%) 100
Stamina 150
Stamina Regeneration (%) 100
Movement Speed 516
Jump Height 500
Casting Speed (%) 88
Physical Resistance 52
Fire Resistance 23
Ice Resistance 23
Lightning Resistance 23
Spell Range & Speed (%) 0
Shaping Bonus (%) 0
Negative Status Duration Reduction (%) 20
Cooldown Reduction (%) 0
Mana Threshold (%) 0
Damage Absorbed by Mana (%) 0
Left Rune Starting Position (%) 25
Top Rune Starting Position (%) 25
Right Rune Starting Position (%) 25
Enhanced Damage (%) 0
Fire Damage (%) 0
Ice Damage (%) 0
Lightning Damage (%) 0


Starting Ability

Ability Details


Haste - Increases movement speed of the wearer.

Gravity Well - Creates a point that sucks in all nearby enemies and objects. Can be used near ledges to pull enemies off, or simply keep enemies in place to retreat. Can be used especially well with groups of enemies to get them clustered and stuck in one position to be fired upon.
Reflection - Surrounds the wearer with a protective orb that reflects the next projectile that strikes it. Once it is struck, the orb disappears, and reappears after 30 seconds. *It is unclear if the reflection ability blocks spells as well as physical projectiles. It's also unclear if the reflection is in a random direction or back at the original attacker.



Starting Spells and Runes

Spell & Starting Rune Details


Flamethrower is another fire channeling spell, similar to Fire Beam, except it has shorter range, but is released from the caster's hands in a cone of flames, rather than a laser. Flamethrower does more DPS than the Fire Beam, and in a larger area, albeit at a much shorter range. It could benefit from the same runes as Fire Beam (Manifest, Persist, Magic's Reach).



20% Mana

50% Base - 200% Max Damage Over Time

38% Base - 150% Max Damage Duration


(Volcanic) Magic's Reach


75% Base - 300% Max Range

75% Base - 300% Max Speed


(Volcanic) Manifest

65% Mana

75% Base - 300% Mana