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High Explosive

High explosive.png

Increased area of effect and splash damage.

High Explosive is a rune in Fictorum.


Increased area of effect and splash damage.


Reduces projectile speed due to increased mass of the spell.


Icon Name Description
Chain reaction.png Chain Reaction Projectiles leap to nearby enemies on collision.
Cocnentrate.png Concentrate Increases direct damage.
Magic's reach.png Magic's Reach Increases range.
High impact.png High-impact Increases projectile velocity and explosive force.
Multishot.png Multi-shot Spawns additional projectiles.
Manifest.png Manifest Creates an element manifestation on collision.
Persist.png Persist Increases damage over time.
Pierce.png Pierce Projectile continues through enemies.
Slow.PNG Slow Reduces movement and attack speed.
Spread.PNG Spread Evenly spreads projectiles in front of the caster.
Stun.PNG Stun Briefly stuns enemies.
Volcanic.png Volcanic Can only be used with Fire Spells.
Glacial.png Glacial Can only be used with Ice spells.
Lodic.png Lodic Can only be used with Storm spells.
Zorric.png Zorric Can be used with all spells schools!
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