Flaming Bulwark is high speed offensive fire caster. It starts with more Health than most starting titles, and can use dash to close the distance on groups of enemies. The flaming Bulwark starts equipped with Flame Strike and Flare spells, along with Nova and Persist runes. Flaming Bulwark can use flare to attack enemies at a distance, and use Flame Strike to obliterate opponents at close range.


Statistics based on Medium difficulty Starting Amount
Health 200
Mana 150
Mana Regeneration (%) 100
Stamina 150
Stamina Regeneration (%) 100
Movement Speed 516
Jump Height 500
Casting Speed (%) 88
Physical Resistance 52
Fire Resistance 23
Ice Resistance 23
Lightning Resistance 23
Spell Range & Speed (%) -30
Shaping Bonus (%) 0
Negative Status Duration Reduction (%) 20
Cooldown Reduction (%) 0
Mana Threshold (%) 0
Damage Absorbed by Mana (%) 0
Left Rune Starting Position (%) 25
Top Rune Starting Position (%) 25
Right Rune Starting Position (%) 25
Enhanced Damage (%) 0
Fire Damage (%) 0
Ice Damage (%) 0
Lightning Damage (%) 0



Starting Abilities Ability Description
Dash - Similar to Blink, only the player moves in the aimed direction, instead of teleporting



Starting Spells & Runes Spell & Starting Rune Details
Flame Strike - Flame strike quickly manifests a ring of fire that implodes with fire, spiraling it upward in the center. Flame strike is more difficult to use, since it does less splash damage than Fireball, and requires more skill to aim it at a surface rather than the intended target. Flame Strike's main advantage is that it has a large radius of splash damage, compared to most fire spells, making it ideal for clustered groups of targets.
Flare - Flare is a quirky fire spell that seems more pizzazz than practical. Often used by low level mages encountered in Fictorum, this spell fires several small, sparkling bombs, that explodes on contact, but do little damage. This arch range of the spell is rather short, and would likely need the Magic's Reach rune. The only way currently known to acquire this spell is as a starting spell for the Flaming Bulwark title.
(Volcanic) Persist

20% Mana

50% Base - 200% Max Damage over time

38% Base - 150% Max Damage duration


10% Mana

13% Base - 50% Max Splash Damage

13% Base - 50% Max Splash Radius

-250% Base - -1000% Max Range