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This page is one of the Dev Logs for the Fictorum development track as published by Scraping Bottom Games.


Hey spell-casters! We haven’t had as much time to work as we would’ve liked in the past two weeks; Labor Day weekend in the US coupled with family visits and following up on our physical rewards to Kickstarter backers slowed us down a bit, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get another build out for all of our backers to enjoy! That said, we’ve been working on some really great stuff that is not quite ready to show off yet that will be making its appearance in-game soon, most likely by our next update.

8.2.364 patch notes[]

New Map A new event has been added detailing a fertile valley that has somehow escaped most of the horrors of the cataclysm.

Balancing Changes[]

  • Marksmen will now strafe
  • Later regions have a higher chance of having more difficult enemies spawn
  • Later regions have a higher item drop rate
  • Storms on the world map now move more slowly
  • Total Slow amount has been recalculated and is now based on a logarithmic function instead of linear
  • There is now a “Spell Pity” loot tracker that will generate more spells to drop if it’s been a while since your last spell drop.
  • Corrupted Liches’ health has been slightly reduced.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements[]

  • New screams/aggro noises
  • Various improvements to the map
  • Mouseovers will properly display when hovering over essence icons
  • Border of stamina bar now matches health and mana bars
  • Frost auras are now properly destroyed on death
  • Fixed infinitely level loading bug
  • New shaping cursor in the shaping menu
  • Rune color will properly update during drag/drop events