Fictorum Update 25 - New Starting Titles, Auras, and World Interaction

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This page is one of the Dev Logs for the Fictorum development track as published by Scraping Bottom Games.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Hey spellcasters—We’ve been working hard on the latest updates to Fictorum and are really excited to share them with you! The most important of these are unlockable starting titles, auras for the player and champions, and world interactions.

Fictorum v.0.8.2 Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

The latest version of Fictorum will be making it’s way out to Steam and IndieGameStand later today!

New Starting Titles[edit | edit source]

New Starting Titles can now be unlocked on the Game Over screen and are awarded based on your playthrough! The unlock methods are very rudimentary and will be improved as time progresses, but the new feature feels great!

Auras[edit | edit source]

We want to keep adding more variety for both play-styles and champions that you’ll encounter in-world. The next logical step for us was to create auras and make them usable by player and enemies. We have plans to make more auras, but the ones we have in-game right now are:

  • Burning aura
  • Chilling aura

World Interaction[edit | edit source]

Explorers rejoice! The Fictorum can now interact with various items in-world—F key/X button by default (Rebind action bindings to take effect)

  • Enchanting tables (rare)
  • Vendors (very rare)
  • Health potions
  • Random items
  • “Opening” doors

New Levels[edit | edit source]

A few more levels and events have been added.

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  • World map vendors no longer have an enchanting table – These can only be found in-world for now
  • The Fictorum’s spells will no longer trigger his own spell shield
  • Shattering frozen characters will no longer cause visual issues for AMD video cards
  • Fixed visual bug with some doors
  • Streamlined title screen UI for new game
  • Sound effects added for damage and death of male NPCs
  • Channeling spells can now damage structures
  • Lightning orb can now damage structures
  • The Fictorum’s jump response time and animations have been improved
  • Buildings can now spawn with different colors
  • Chain Reaction targeting has been improved and will now target Aegis Crystals if no valid enemies are within range