Fictorum is filled with several enemy NPC's. There are bandits, Inquisition military, and Corrupted monsters. Bandits attack simply to live off of other people. The Inquisition attacks the Fictorum on sight, and has numerous fortresses and encampments throughout the world. The nemesis of the Inquisition are the corrupted, monsters that have been warped by the magical miasma storms that herald their arrival.


Soldiers - Use only melee attacks in combat. Can pick up rocks to throw at distant enemies.
Archers - Use only their bow and arrows in combat.
Acolytes - Use only spells in combat.
Janissaries - Melee soldiers that have throwable spears.
Inquisition Captains - Melee Fighters with more health, better equipment, and stronger attacks with unique weapons.
Warlocks & Arch-Mages - Use only powerful spells in combat. Formidable opponents with large amounts of health, and powerful attacks.
Grand Inquisitor - Uses Spells and Melee


Corrupted Corrupted Description
Enemies Corrupted
Corrupted - Rush at any unfortunate person in their path to attack with their claws.
Enemies CorruptedBloated2
Corrupted Shamblers - Slow moving, these lumbering creatures try to sneak up on enemies from among ranks of other corrupted. If they get close to their target, they raise the arms in strain and triumph as they explode, causing massive damage and knocking anyone nearby down. Its dangerous to get surrounded by these creatures, as they will continue blow up, each waiting for the player to get up from the previous blast, just to get injured and knocked down again.
Enemies CorruptedInvisible

A Corrupted Assassin, barely visible without Clairvoyance.

Corrupted Assassin - A terrifying presence for many, these creatures are often undetected until they've already struck their prey. The only visible part of them is the faint glow of their eyes and claws. Those blessed enough to have clairvoyance, can see this creatures, and fend them off on even terms. Burning and Freezing aura ability scrolls make it far easier to detect these creatures without the use of clairvoyance.
Enemies CorruptedInvisible2

Corrupted Assassin, becoming quite visible with the aid of Clairvoyance.

Enemies CorruptedInvisibleDarkerThanRegularCorrupted

Two Corrupted, as seen from above. The darker one is the corrupted assassin, while the bright one is a normal corrupted.

Enemies CorruptedGoliath2
Corrupted Goliaths - These large berserkers are the shock troops of the corrupted hordes, able to fight many soldiers at once. These creatures have much more health than most other corrupted, and move surprisingly quickly. If a person comes in close quarters with one of these behemoths, they will suffer its strong melee attacks and short range spells. These creatures may explode when killed.
Enemies CorruptedWitch2
Corrupted Lich - As armies have generals, the corrupted have these terrifying incarnations of magic. These monsters have as much health as their Goliath counterparts, but are smaller framed, making them smaller targets, and they wield powerful spells that make them a threat from a far range.

These creatures may explode when killed.