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The following is the dev log posts from Scraping Bottom Games.

Dev Logs

  • Fictorum Update #27: Quests, New Itemization, and “Final” Level
  • Fictorum Update #26: Latest Alpha Changes
  • Fictorum Update #25: New Starting Titles, Auras, and World Interaction
  • Fictorum Update #24: Kickstarter Wrap Up & Newest Alpha Version Incoming
  • Kickstarter/Steam Greenlight Progress, Environment Improvements
  • Fictorum now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight
  • Fictorum Update #23: Fictorum Entering Closed Alpha, New Main Character
  • Fictorum Update #22: New Badass Wizard Spells and iFest Wrap-up
  • Seattle iFest Details
  • Fictorum Update #21: Level Load Time Reduction, Seattle iFest, and New Buildings
  • Fictorum Update #20: Spells Befitting a Wizard Video Game and Kickstarter Date Announced
  • Fictorum Update #19: Spell Runes Screen, Character Titles, and Improved Enemies
  • Fictorum Update #18: Improved Loot System and Inventory Screen
  • Fictorum Update #17: In-Game Map Improvements, Twitch Stream, New Assets and Contract
  • Fictorum Update #16: Corrupted Warrior, Weapon Improvements, Shaping Audio, and upcoming
  • Fictorum Update #15: New Manifest and Piercing Spell Runes, Better Character Model
  • Fictorum Update #14: In-Game History, Text-Based Event Improvements
  • Dynamically Modify Magic with Fictorum’s Spell Shaping System
  • Fictorum Update #13: Character Models, Enhanced Textures, & In-Game History
  • Fictorum Update #12: New Spell Runes, Destruction Improvements, and Landscapes
  • Fictorum Update #11: Improved Landscape Textures and Effects, More Structures
  • Fictorum Update #10: Miasma Storm, Level and Spell Improvements
  • Fictorum Update #9: Spell-Shaping Runes, Quests, and AI Improvements
  • Fictorum Update #8: Early Alpha Gameplay Video
  • Fictorum Update #7: Snowman Competition, Lightning Orb, and Upgrades
  • Fictorum Update #6: Aegis, Sounds, and a Christmas Tree Spell
  • Fictorum Update #5: Spell Shaping System & Optimization
  • Fictorum Update #4: New Destructive Spells, Environments, and Item Generation
  • Fictorum Update #3: New Environments and a Procedural Castle
  • Fictorum Weekly Development Update #2: Animations and Art
  • Fictorum Weekly Development Update #1: Animations, Characters, and Spells
  • Big Day Yesterday
  • Finally got a web page up and running, also an update
  • Simple Randomized Player Start in UE4 in Blueprints